Multiple Mobile Devices Weaken Continuum of Care and ROI for Regional Hospital - Stratix

Multiple Mobile Devices Weaken Continuum of Care and ROI for Regional Hospital

Case Study

Endpoint management solution enhances manageability, empowers  practitioners, and delivers substantial savings


A leading NE Ohio health system struggled with managing and maintaining the variety of mobile bedside monitoring devices used by nurses: a smartphone, a Vocera paging device to connect with other providers, and a ruggedized Epic Systems device for scanning patients’ wristbands. Not only did the mobility management of three separate devices cause headaches for the IT team, but having to carry around these devices and juggling their use made it extremely difficult for nurses to find quality time to interact with their patients and provide an attentive, caring experience.


As a single-source provider for software licensing acquisition, supporting all the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, Stratix helped the hospital identify the best solution for their mobile device management needs. The EMM solution the administrators chose cut the number of devices to one, replacing the Vocera and Epic Systems devices with apps on a corporate-owned iPhone. This enabled the IT staff to consolidate its resources and better support the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and management of a single, integrated device. It also meant zero downtime for nurses and other healthcare staff to streamline their workflow, using a single device they were familiar with that integrated with the hospitals’ unified communications, patient charts, drug dosage records, and bedside scanning.


The healthcare organization piloted the EMM with 200 mobile devices. Overwhelming acceptance and instantaneous positive outcomes led the organization to push 15,000 devices throughout its campus. Their EMM also enabled them to benefit from supporting physicians and visiting providers’ BYOD. With silo capabilities, these healthcare workers could access all necessary patient information and applications on their personal mobile devices without compromising security or HIPAA-compliance regulations. This mobility transformation has enabled the hospital to realize greater ROI in their mobility investment and cut overhead costs in extra IT staff. It also has made it possible for nurses to provide a higher standard of care. Stratix’s provisioning, support, and same-day replacement capabilities ensure that healthcare providers have the critical tools they need when they need them, and administrators know they can count on Stratix to be their trusted mobility partner.