Managing an International Grocery Retailer’s Growing Mobile Ecosystem - Stratix

International Grocery Retailer Turned to Stratix to Help Manage Growing Mobile Ecosystem

Case Study

Challenged to support complex mobile footprint across 2,000 retail locations 

The Challenge 

An international grocery retailer was implementing corporate-owned and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives to rapidly expand mobile’s footprint across 2,000 retail locations. However, the complexity of its mobile environment, especially the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform, held challenges for the company’s U.S.-based IT team. In addition, as mobile scaled, support quickly became inadequate. As a result, the food retailer wanted to delegate responsibility for training, end-user support, management and depot services for its mobile users’ 10,000 devices.

The Ask 

They needed immediate support of their hybrid mobile environment. This retailer wanted to formulate a long-term strategy to drive mobile adoption across its global operation. The IT team required deeper knowledge of mobile application configuration and management.

Specifically, Stratix was asked to: 

  • Create an enterprise-wide strategy and rollout plan to facilitate global adoption 
  • Turnkey administration of the complete environment to facilitate up-to-date mobile applications to drive revenue
  • Train IT in the areas of mobile-specific application management, application store setup, application wrapping and secure content management

The Solution  

Stratix took a holistic approach to resolving the international grocery retailer’s planning, deployment and support challenges.

Specifically, Stratix: 

  • Focused strategic mobile consulting efforts addressing Enterprise Mobility Management reconfiguration to streamline its operation and management requirements
  • Provided corporate-owned device users with Level 1 and 2 Mobile Help Desk Support and offered limited L2 support to BYOD users
  • Track application update success, certificate renewals, and compliance of corporate mobility policies
  • Enabled increased efficiency in logistics across the fleet
  • Rapidly deployed mobility solutions to support the launch of a new brand in urban and campus settings
  • Handle application and OS upgrades (remote and on premises) for supported devices

The Result 

Stratix successfully built and activated a support infrastructure to manage the international grocer’s 10,000 mobile users in less than three weeks. The Stratix solution:

  • Instrumental in deploying and supporting a Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS) solution enabling increased sales and improved customer satisfaction
  • Achieved wide adoption and high user satisfaction with tiered support including concierge service for executives and high-level managers 
  • Freed corporate IT to focus on business-critical initiatives