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Home Healthcare Provider 

Case Study

Improving patient care by managing the full lifecycle of mobile devices and software


This home healthcare provider had an extraordinary opportunity to improve patient care in a highly efficient manner if it was able to deploy and support its care providers with mobile devices and applications. The company needed to ensure that it could support the continuum of care for its home service delivery.


The home healthcare provider turned to Stratix to provide full lifecycle management of its mobile devices, applications, and server infrastructure. With the resources and advanced systems Stratix has available to support the mobile needs of the company’s caregivers, payers, and patients has helped improve the quality of care and patient engagement. The company also recognized that Stratix helped make it possible to engage even the least technical-savvy patients so they can take advantage of mobile technology even in the most remote areas.


With its advanced support capabilities and tools, Stratix has been able to maintain its 93% first contact resolution rate. This was critical to end-user satisfaction, adoption and reliability with the complex environment of multiple carriers, care providers technologies, and systems.