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Company Transforms the Traveler Experience With More Secure, Enhanced Mobile Services

Case Study

A company specializing in travel-oriented mobile applications was challenged with how to scale its business to serve more markets and customers while optimizing traveler experiences. It looked to a managed cloud services strategy for robust and flexible resources to support its growing needs. Stratix and VMware Workspace ONE solution simplifies mobile device deployment, provides efficient cloud management, streamlines app delivery, automates updates, and helps ensure security.

The Challenge

The company’s services had expanded beyond navigation in more than 16 languages to also include more secure Wi-Fi hotspots with unlimited data, and domestic and international calling or texting without roaming charges. In addition, the company offered preloaded apps for language translation, currency conversion, gaming and entertainment, social media, coupons for popular shopping and dining venues, and information about visitor attractions.

With a proliferating portfolio of apps being developed, the IT team was interested in finding ways to accelerate software rollouts and updates. Beyond its expanding suite of services, the company’s growing fleet of Android phones and tablets spread across more cities in three countries, which further complicated the challenge. Onsite, hands-on deployment and maintenance of the mobile devices was not feasible for the small IT staff. The company needed an endpoint management solution that would allow for more efficient, centralized control, including security protections for travelers’ personally identifiable information (PII). TravelTab looked to managed cloud services as a strategic solution for the flexible and robust resources it needed.

The Solution

The company partnered with Stratix (formerly Vox), a VMware Managed Services Provider in the VMware Cloud Provider Program, for managed mobility services using Workspace ONE.

“Our IT team needed to unify endpoint management and streamline app deployments, in addition to providing more secure access to a revolving door of travelers. Using VMware Workspace ONE provided by [Stratix] as a managed cloud service—along with tapping into their expertise in mobility innovation and infrastructure management—helps us transform traveler experiences,” explained a company executive.

The company values Stratix’s expertise in addressing the unique complexities presented by the volume, variety, and velocity of a mobile-centric enterprise. Workspace ONE gives the company a unified platform for managing and delivering any application on any device. As a result, the IT team can easily oversee the complete device and app lifecycle with easy onboarding and configuration, device and data security, asset inventory and management, remote support, and troubleshooting.

Business Results and Benefits

To rollout the new solution, the IT team leveraged the zero-touch enrollment capabilities in Workspace ONE to migrate 24,000 devices in just 30 days—all seamlessly receiving over-the-air app installations and updates along with security patches when needed for optimal business performance. When a traveler returns a company device to a car rental office, the onsite staff doesn’t face a complicated task to prepare the device for the next renter. The traveler’s personal information is easily wiped clean, and the device is automatically reset with the preferred configuration and custom apps, ready for the next traveler.