The sheer volume of mobile devices and services on offer can bring confusion to any enterprise looking to integrate these disparate areas into a cohesive solution. In the interest of clarifying and simplifying the utility of both their services and their partners’ services, Google ™ created the Android Enterprise Recommended program. This program identifies device OEMs, EMMs and carriers that meet the strict enterprise-grade requirements validated by Google.

This gives businesses the confidence to deploy and scale AndroidTM-based solutions in mission-critical capacities. Given the breadth of choices available for each of the aforementioned categories, however, it can be overwhelming to know exactly where to begin. This is why Google has now expanded the program to offer validated managed service providers. We’re pleased to announce that Stratix has been selected as a launch partner for this exciting new category! 

What Does This Mean for You? 

As the leading pure-play mobility services provider in North America, Stratix is already well integrated with a number of devices, platforms, carriers, services and other mobile-adjacent offerings. To achieve “Android Enterprise Recommended” status and provide customers with even stronger Android Enterprise support validated by Google, however, we had to undertake rigorous training and testing. This now allows us to offer: 

  • Specialization in architecture/ implementation and support services 
  • Better support on deploying Android and Android Enterprise 
  • Escalation and business support from Google 
  • Experienced personnel equipped with the latest training from Google 
  • Collaboration with Google on business objectives 
  • Zero-touch enrollment to provide stress-free mission-critical Day One device configurations at scale. 

Now, the complete lifecycle of services associated with Android Enterprise are coordinated, supported and managed under a single roof offering your business “a single hand to shake”. 

Whether you’re exploring rugged Android device use case scenarios or guidance for new deployments or migration from another platform (e.g. Windows CE) to Android Enterprise, Stratix will help your business implement each step of the journey with the strongest Android Enterprise support possible. 

Android is already widely-deployed amongst companies as more and more mobile devices are used for business-critical processes. The need to properly plan, support and deploy Android devices using Google’s best practices is only growing, and the right Managed Service Provider will provide end-to-end partnership to ensure you succeed. 

*Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC.