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Mobile Technology Solution Blueprinting Across the Enterprise

Written by Sandra Tansky

1 Min Read


There are as many different ways to approach mobile technology solution planning as there are planners. Stratix developed its proprietary process called mobile blueprinting to add structure to mobile planning at the enterprise level. The process of creating a mobile blueprint not only builds consensus across the enterprise about expected business results, enterprise needs, and priorities, it lays out a repeatable framework for integrating mobile advances into a scalable mobile infrastructure. 

Creating a mobile blueprint involves bringing together all the stakeholders relevant to enterprise mobile, including executive management, finance, IT, and the various line-of-business executives who often fund mobile. In this phase of mobile blueprinting, silos of needs begin to defer to enterprise needs as commonalities emerge. It is essential that the mobile infrastructure be addressed early in the process to enable the scale needed to take successful pilots across the enterprise. 

Once the mobile blueprint captures enterprise needs, the process moves on to staging and setting enterprise-level priorities. Funding is critical to this part of the process because projects that can be leveraged across the enterprise often emerge as top priorities. 

With desired priorities ranked and financing secured, attention moves to the final planning phase: the implementation roadmap. The roadmap takes a top-to-bottom look at all the mobile initiatives under consideration to isolate the internal and external resources needed to realize the top priorities. In addition, the roadmap takes into account proper IT and mobile infrastructure staging to help assure that the infrastructure being built can scale to meet enterprise needs. 

Mobile blueprints and implementation roadmaps drive mobile efforts over time and need to be updated as priorities shift, needs change, and technology advances. A single mobile blueprint, when effective, can span several years of mobile deployments as the enterprise moves across the implementation roadmap.