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Are You Getting the Most from Your Managed Mobile Services Provider to Futureproof Your Business?

Written by Sandra Tansky

2 Min Read


If you’ve already made the decision to entrust your mobile technology to a dedicated managed mobile services (MMS) provider instead of tasking your internal IT department, you already have a step up on several of your competitors. If you want to migrate to or make the most out of Android devices, software and services, however, you need to absolutely make sure that you’re aligned with an official Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) MMS provider.

The AER ecosystem helps companies manage every aspect of their mobile program – from procurement and deployment to application management, security, and end-user support—enabling them along the mobile maturity curve and to successfully transform their business through a single platform across the enterprise.  AER managed mobile service providers offer a host of unique benefits that cover the full lifecycle suite of devices, software, and services for Android Enterprise. So how does your MMS stack up? We’ve created a handy checklist for you to see for yourself:

Do they work closely with partners vetted by Google?

Do they have Google Android Enterprise Recommend Expert level trained staff to give the best advice for your business requirements?

Can they meet elevated enterprise requirements validated by Google?

Can they collaborate directly with Google on developing your business objectives?

Can they offer Google’s Zero Touch deployment/enrollment mechanism to streamline the process of enterprise device management?

Will they be able to offer complete administration support of MDM/EMM solutions and configuration of Android Enterprise policies?

Can they assist with best practices to ensure that Android Enterprise initiatives are strongly supported going forward?

Are they a close Google hardware partner and reseller, working with the Google hardware team with Pixel and Google Glass hardware?

Do they have an on-premise specialized help desk team to provide 24x7x365 support for your end users?

If your MMS provider isn’t an officially certified AER provider, it’s time to challenge the status quo and find out how to make the most of your enterprise mobility. Creating and sustaining enterprise growth year-over-year will become increasingly difficult without futureproofing your mobile deployments. Partnering with an AER MMS provider gives you the security of knowing that your Android Enterprise technology is supported by personnel who have been certified through a rigorous training program and testing process that is continuously validated and updated.

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