Mobile Deployment: You’re going to need a bigger boat

In the 1975 movie classic, Jaws, there is a critical moment when Martin Brody sees the size of the shark they are asked to conquer, and utters the memorable line to the captain, “You’re going to need a bigger boat”.  Many enterprises, faced with staged rollouts or full-blown “big bang” deployments, find that deep, mobile-specific expertise lacking in their organizations, and realize they too need more help, size, and scale to accomplish their goals.

Mobile deployments, many of which were successful in small-scale pilots or proof-of-concept stages, simply fail when they are rolled out enterprise-wide. Why is this? The most common reason is mobility at scale does not resemble the mobility achieved in controlled, small-scale environments.

To deploy mobility at scale requires enough people and expertise to deploy devices, applications, and support to hundreds or thousands of end-users, usually within 90 days or less.  Most enterprises are not staffed with the number of skilled workers to handle the sheer volume of work or the incredible complexity that invariably arises with each deployment.

To deliver on the need for deployment in scale, with short durations, market-leading companies are turning to Managed Mobile Services providers, such as Stratix, for assistance. Stratix has created enterprise mobile strategies, Mobile Blueprints and Implementation Roadmaps for a variety of companies in a wide range of markets. Simply put, Stratix has led more mobile deployments than any enterprise will ever see. As a result, Stratix can apply proven, scalable processes to enterprise deployments, streamlining the resources and time needed to execute with perfection. The best practices knowledge stemming from those engagements has built a deep repository of mobile-specific expertise that can be leveraged for each customer.

From device fragmentation and integration with back-end systems and legacy applications, Managed Mobile Services providers know how to navigate the complexities of enterprise mobile with agility.

To find out how having a scalable, repeatable deployment process can deliver the slowness that speeds the pace of mobile innovation, read the “Avoiding Mobile Deployment Failures” whitepaper and explore the Deployment section of the Stratix website. For deployment assistance, call Stratix at +1-1-800-883-8300.