Measuring Mobile Support

How does your mobile support operation stack up?

Does your enterprise use internal resources to support mobile users or delegate that responsibility to a Managed Mobile Services (MMS) provider? Either way, it is vitally important that the support operation’s efficiency be monitored to identify opportunities for improvement. This oversight takes on an added level of urgency when you consider that 42% of executives are concerned about mobile’s cost and they see support as the number one expense contributing to that cost. (IDG Research and, 2017).

Based on its 34 years of mobile-specific experience, Stratix recommends that enterprises with internal mobile support operations use the following eight key performance metrics as a basis for evaluation:

  • Speed to answer
  • Resolution on the first call
  • Abandon rate (the frequency of users hanging up before being helped)
  • Time to scale (speed of expansion to gain needed capacity)
  • Rate of returns
  • Frequency of NFF
  • Spare pool utilization
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

In many cases, enterprises embraced mobile because of its promise to improve operational efficiency. However, to be more productive, mobile users need support teams to respond quickly, understand their issues and resolve issues on the first call. Using industry-recommended metrics to measure the quality and effectiveness of internally provided support is a strong first step.

However, many enterprises find that mobile’s inherent complexities and velocity of change complicate support in ways they had not imagined. That’s why enterprises turn to Stratix to support their users. Stratix 7x24x365 support, which is based on 34 years of mobile specialty, sets the bar for quality and effectiveness – as defined by the users we help and a NPS which averages in the 80s each year.

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