Flexibility and Predictability for the Connected Enterprise
Innovating the Mobile Ecosystem

Transforming the Customer Experience

Delivering high-value mobile services with innovative commerce solutions

From chip card capabilities to roaming registers, enterprises are implementing new point-of-sale strategies to improve efficiency, security, and customer experiences. Verifone’s innovative commerce solutions, combined with Stratix’s unique position as a pure-play managed mobile service provider, ensures knowledgeable enterprise support across the entire mobile ecosystem.

Accelerating Point-of-Sale Enterprise Mobility

By combining leading managed mobile services with innovative payment solutions, Stratix and Verifone continue to support the rapidly expanding mobile business requirements in the enterprise. Stratix is an authorized Verifone Estate Manager Technical Support Center and offers complete managed mobile services support on Verifone payment devices for enterprise customers through Verifone’s robust terminal management platform.

What is Your Biggest Mobility Challenge?

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