Personalized Mobile Accessories
Accelerating Adoption for Measurable Savings

Purpose Designed Custom Mobile Accessories

Building a personalized mobile experience to maximize ROI

Stratix provides customer accessories and extensive design capabilities to personalize the end-user and
customer experience – improving usability, accelerating adoption, and maximizing mobile investments.

3-D Prototyping

Through rapid prototyping and the latest 3-D printing technology, we can design customized accessories to future-proof your investments.

Utilizing its 3-D printing facility, Stratix creates customized accessories and mobile devices that can lengthen the lifespan and provide tailored functionality and flexibility.

 Personalized mobile with the experience in mind

By creating prototypes in-house and then sending to manufacturing, Stratix supports high degrees of specificity for unique requests – and can even provide branded accessory solutions, matched to your company colors or brand.

  • Future-proof technology investments to ensure high usage, even when platforms change
  • Personalize and enhance the end-user and customer experience
  • Improve usability and accelerate end-user or customer adoption
  • Maximize ROI by increasing device uptime and lifespan
  • Design storage and charging bays to ensure security

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Businesses are looking for Custom Mobile Accessories to maximize the power of their mobile investments, establish the company brand, and boost employee productivity and satisfaction.

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