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Barcode Verification
Detailed analysis and print quality reporting

What is Bar Code Verification?

Verification is a method of analyzing the scannability of a printed barcode against a published specification to determine whether or not a bar code symbol is “in spec” and will achieve a high first-time read rate. Stratix barcode verifier provides the user with a report that outlines the specific problems within the barcode that are causing failures. The only way to guarantee a barcode’s print quality, and therefore guarantee scannability, is to use a bar code verifier.

Risks of Not Verifying Bar Codes:

  • Lost or misinterpreted information
  • Increased labor costs
  • High dollar re-labeling costs
  • Increased errors
  • Rejected shipments
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Retail vendor compliance penalties


ANSI Overview
 + Download

ANSI Trouble Shooting Guide + Download

Checking Barcode Quality + Download

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Xaminer Elite Series

Bar Code Verification In A Simple Integrated Unit

Stratix Corporation’s Xaminer Elite IS, Elite IS Plus & the Elite IS Point & Shoot bar code verifiers
give you the industry’s highest quality bar code verification for either one-dimensional or two-dimensional
(GS1 DataBar and PDF–417) bar codes — all in a single unit.

Maximize Your Investment

As your bar code verification needs change, so can your Xaminer Elite verifier. All Xaminer Elite verifiers come equipped with expandable firmware allowing upgrades in the future. The Xaminer Elite is a barcode verifier that will truly meet all of your verification needs today and tomorrow.

Features & Benefits:

  • ANSI/ISO & Traditional Grading
  • Auto Discrimination of Symbologies
  • No Daily Calibration Required
  • LED’s Display ANSI/ISO Grade & Bar Tolerance
  • One Touch “Hot” Keys for Help, Print, & UPC Magnification
  • Element Detail Analysis
  • Corrugated Setting – Adjusts Symbol Contrast per Fibre Box Assoc. Guidelines
  • Custom Software Options Available

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Xaminer Elite Downloads

Xaminer Elite Spec Sheet + Download

Xaminer Elite Accessories + Download

SVS Software +Download

Xaminer Elite Training Videos

  • Chapter 1.   Setup. Stratix Printer   +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 1.    Setup.  Samsung Printer  +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 2.   UPC-A Testing with Full ANSI Laser +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 3.   Printing Verification Reports  +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 4.   PDF-417 and GS1 DataBar Coupon Testing with Full ANSI Laser +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 5.   Pharma Code Testing with Full ANSI Laser  +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 6.   Testing with Partial ANSI Laser  +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 7.   Testing with Full ANSI Wand  +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 8.   Clearing the Verifier Memory   +PLAY VIDEO
  • Chapter 9.   Calibration Check Routine  +PLAY VIDEO

Xaminer eZ-2D

An Affordable 2D Barcode Verifier – PC Based & Easy to Use

The Xaminer eZ-2D verifier from Stratix provides a reasonably priced bar code verification solution for your 2D bar codes. Supporting Data Matrix (ECC-200) and QR Code, the Xaminer eZ-2D used in combination with the Xaminer Elite IS Plus will satisfy all your bar code verification needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Most affordable 2D verifier on the market
  • PC based – Easy to Setup & Use
  • Supports QR Code & DataMatrix (ECC-200)
  • Partial ISO/IEC grading (ISO/IEC 16022, ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15426-2, ISO/IEC 18004)
  • Calibrated to GS1 Data Matrix Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card (NIST Traceable)
  • Field of View Options:
    • Stand Position 1 – 1.10″ x 1.10″ (Min. X Dimension 10 mils)
    • Stand Position 2 – 1.30″ x 1.30″ (Min. X Dimension 15 mils)

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Xaminer eZ-2D Downloads

ez-2D Spec Sheet + Download

ez-2D Product Reference Guide + Download

ez-2D Software Installation Guide + Download

LVS Integra Series

Unique in the world of ISO verification

The Integra series barcode verifiers are known for their ease of use and ability to verify linear (1D) and two dimensional (2D) bar codes
without any change of equipment; auto-discriminate the symbology, narrow bar width and aperture to be used to
evaluate the bar code; and highlight trouble spots in the code.

Integra 9510

The Integra 9510 is a 1D and 2D desktop verifier designed for offline verification of bar codes to ISO/IEC standards.  High-resolution inspection of the bar code is possible due to the use of a 5.0 megapixel high resolution camera, which allows reading and analyzing every two thousandth of an inch (.002″/.05 mm) of the bar code height; this exceeds the minimum ten-scan average required by ISO. The Integra 9510 is certified by GS1 US and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant-ready.

Integra 9570

The Integra 9570 is a 1D and 2D handheld bar code verifier designed for offline verification of bar codes to ISO/IEC standards.  Integrated line scan imaging technology provides accuracy and repeatability, while sensor technology allows more detailed analysis of the bar code and makes reading of small and truncated codes possible. The Integra 9570 is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant-ready.

Integra 9580 *NEW*

The Integra 9580 is a 1D and 2D high performance handheld verifier designed for offline verification of bar codes to ISO/IEC standards. Featuring a high resolution 5.0 megapixel camera, the Integra 9580 reads and analyzes 1D and 2D codes up to 3.0 inches wide and up to 2.25 inches tall. Options available include 1D only, 2D only and 1D /2D models. The Integra 9580 is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ready.

Features  & Benefits:

  • Inspects all nine of the ISO (ANSI) parameters, plus added features of determining blemishes, opacity, and human readable validation. The Integra also verifies 2D codes and reports all parameters as specified in the applicable symbology specification.
  • Analysis is color coded to show exactly where the problem is located within the bar code, and sections of the bar code can be analyzed to determine how to solve the problem. Reference to an online Help screen aids in the analysis.
  • Multiple codes, including any combination of Linear, Matrix (such as Data Matrix, QR Code and Aztec Code) and Stacked Linear (such as PDF 417, Micro PDF and Composite Codes) can be verified on one label within the field of view.
  • The Integra verifier is supplied with a NIST traceable calibrated conformance standard test card provided by GS1 to ensure that the system is always within a known calibration standard.

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LVS 9510 Downloads

Integra 9510 Spec Sheet 
+ Download

LVS 9570 Downloads

Integra 9570 Spec Sheet+ Download

LVS 9580 Downloads

Integra 9580 Spec Sheet 
+ Download

Barcode Compliance

Know the Risk. Prevent the Loss.

As a solution provider, Stratix works with both merchandise suppliers and retailers to assist in resolving label non-compliance issues. It’s important to understand what causes a barcode to become unscannable and then how to fix it. For over 30 years, the barcode experts at Stratix have been assisting our customers in identifying their problems and providing solutions.

What Can Bad Bar Codes Mean to You?

Anywhere from 2% to 10% loss in overall revenue*, according to the National Chargebacks Management Group. Commonly known as chargebacks, financial penalties for not complying with retailers’ shipping guidelines are plaguing vendors of consumer goods. Fines, penalties, complaints from trading partners, and delays in product reaching the sales floor disrupt the supply chain and chew into your profits. Don’t let bad bar codes do this to you!

Get Protection from the Experts

Stratix Label Compliance Solutions help suppliers determine Trading Partners’ requirements and use bar code technologies to effectively mitigate chargebacks and profit loss related to these guidelines. Our proven quality control process includes cross-checks in several critical areas:

  • Supplier Labels
  • Print Quality
  • Media & Hardware
  • Printer Performance

Stratix Barcode Compliance Retail Partners

  • Lord & Taylor
  • Michaels Stores
  • Ace Hardware
  • Sports Authority

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