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Design Engineering

Custom Mobile Accessories

Custom-designed mobile accessories, carrying cases and enclosures tailored to work in your environment when off-the-shelf won’t do.

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Specialty Mobile Products and Accessories

One size does not fit all. We understand our customers often have challenging environments, unique use-cases and special needs for employee productivity or safety. And, we understand the pride you feel in your company name. So, we’ll do what it takes, including adding company logos, custom colors and inspirational taglines to make your devices look as good as they work. To get it right, we observe your team at work and ask the right questions. Then we deliver custom-crafted mobile accessories and enclosures that provide your business and employees what they need to do their jobs.


SmartMobile Solution Design

Custom Designed Products

Your business is unique. So, before we design anything, we get to know your needs. We observe your employees at work, survey the environment, and identify your most critical mobility issues. Then our Specialty Products Group purpose-builds peripherals to meet the challenges and the unique visual design specifications that off-the-shelf mobile products can’t answer. All our custom products and accessories are drafted, prototyped and engineered in-house, efficiently and cost-effectively for easy deployment.

Design Engineering Key Benefits

Dedicated Design Experience

We have created over 2,200 mobile solution concepts for enterprise customers across a wide range of industries.

Unique Mobility Products

We provide in-house engineering for more than 1,800 custom products and design solutions for our customers from the ground up.

On-site Consultation

We create a true panorama of where you are and where you want to go by holding detailed on-site design thinking sessions with all your stakeholders.

Dependable Quality

We have deployed over 12 million products to enterprise businesses since 2006.

Rapid Prototyping

We use 3D-printed metal and plastics for high-quality in-house prototyping and speedy, efficient first article production.

Extensive Engineering Pedigree

Over 25 years of dedicated product engineering and industry expertise goes into every product we make.

Get ready for mobility that exceeds end-user expectations.

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