Workspace ONE Streamlining Oversight of Enterprise Mobile

Samsung’s DeX platform creating mobile-only work environment

By Jed Tauber, Mobility Solutions Engineer, Stratix

At this year’s VMware conference, a team from Stratix, along with 21,000 other attendees gained new knowledge about Workspace ONE, VMware’s latest version of its flagship AirWatch solution. Once mobile staked its claim over enterprise communications, AirWatch quickly became the mobile management platform of choice for companies and organizations with a large and OS-diverse population of mobile professionals using iOS, MacOS, Android, chrome, rugged OS and Workspace ioT. Workspace ONE stepped seamlessly into the market to continue that dominance. All previous AirWatch-named products now reside under the new Workspace ONE moniker with the final component, the AirWatch Agent client software, set to be added this fall.

The official announcement of the Workspace One Intelligent Hub client, a replacement for AirWatch Agent, has expanded functionality that enables it to be configured within the management console. Centralizing the Hub client will make it easier for mobile administrators to oversee enterprise mobile operations from a single location. In addition, Hub can be configured to offer mobile users access to an App Store where they can download a range of productivity-enhancing tools. Users will also be able to connect more easily with their peers through Hub’s People Tab – an employee lookup. This new functionality from Hub will go into production this fall.

Not only did Stratix team members receive updates on Workspace ONE’s expanded product functionality, high level partner-only sessions revealed future direction and roadmap details not available to the public. A close working partner with VMware for decades, Stratix will use these insights to maintain its lockstep support of Workspace ONE-based solutions for enterprise mobile.

Additionally, Workspace ONE supports Samsung’s enterprise features that were recently introduced on its DeX Pad, a low-cost, mobile-powered computing platform. Samsung’s announcement shows its intent to persuade business users to abandon their desktops and laptops in favor of a “mobile-only” work environment powered by phones and tablets. (For more information about the Samsung announcement, read “Samsung Doubles Down on DeX with HDMI Access.”)

Stratix employees took advantage of several Hands On Labs to immerse themselves in some of the new features of the product set.

A strong Google Android Enterprise session focused on the new features in Android Pie, which is being released in the fall.


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