Windows Mobile Migration: Three Ways to Ensure Business Continuity and Minimize Supply Chain Disruption

May 31, 2018

By Marco Nielsen, Inbound Logistics

Microsoft’s 2015 decision to curtail support of mobile devices included, to the company’s credit, a sustained transition period. While this provided some breathing room for supply chains dependent upon Microsoft mobile platforms to transition to alternative operating systems, the days are numbered for companies that have yet to complete the OS transition.

In June 2018, Windows Embedded CE reaches its end-of-life, with Windows 8.1 and Handheld 6.5 to follow. Even Windows 10 Mobile – once touted as Microsoft’s ground-breaking approach to mobile computing – will no longer be enhanced with new features.

For businesses that haven’t transitioned to new operating systems – Android or iOS, most likely – time is running out if they are to avoid the costs and risks of business disruptions. If you haven’t already made a switch, here are some potential next steps.

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