Retail – Fleet Delivery

Federal mandates requiring the presence of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) have transformed how retailers track their fleet shipments. Now, a driver’s mobile device must be multi-purpose: WAN-enabled, transmitting electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD), offering real-time location visibility and more. Mobile smart devices are now a key cog in the process of ensuring retail delivery integrity and efficiency.

Properly deploying and managing these devices, however, poses a specific set of challenges.

  • Buying, provisioning and supporting updated hardware can be expensive.
  • Understanding which solutions are ideal for your business requires dedicated strategic expertise.
  • Managing and supporting a wide scale deployment and maintenance of these devices for a large force of in-the-field drivers requires extensive resources.

Modernizing the ELD Solution for a Leading Freight Shipping Provider

Don’t let your lack of mobility expertise limit your business. The speed of innovation isn’t slowing down, but your business will if you’re not linked with the right mobility partners. Get smarter about your mobile delivery enablement strategy by finding a partner to give you the “How” on creating a true mobile blueprint. One who can:

  • Execute large-scale mission critical mobile deployments and provide best-in-class “Day Two” support and management of your mobile devices.
  • Provide a single dashboard enabling you to oversee your entire device and usage ecosystem.
  • Transform your business with turnkey solutions for agile, flexible frameworks.
  • Tie it all together with a single point of support across a range of vendors, solutions and devices.

Download the use case to see how Stratix helped craft a smarter mobile fleet delivery solution for this Leading Freight Shipping Provider.