Managing your mobile future? Choose wisely.

By: Gina Gallo, President and CEO, Stratix Corporation

If your business role is involved with technology, you’re probably facing a laundry list of requests and demands around mobility in the enterprise.  Inquiries ranging from MDM offerings, new mobile devices, BYOD vs. CYOD, mobile best practices, mobile expense management and mobile corporate strategy. The questions never stop:

  • How do we secure corporate data on personal devices?
  • Can a consumer tablet stand up in our environment?
  • What is the transition strategy for our Blackberry users?
  • Who pays for the BYOD device if it breaks on the job?
  • Are we getting the best deal on our wireless services?
  • Should we use our capital budget for mobile devices?
  • What is the mobile technology roadmap for these consumer devices?

And the expectations on ROI, cost containment and IT governance are not lessening.

Like most IT leaders, your goal is striking a balance between stability and flexibility. Your business units want to leverage mobile opportunities for accessing business and personal information anytime, anywhere — but you need a plan with some level of predictability and control. To get to that point, Stratix believes you have three basic choices:

  1. Do it yourself.  Take control of mobile in-house and become the target of everything mobile.
  2. A la Carte service. Farm out your mobile support to multiple generalists without losing control.
  3. Mobility-as-a-Service. Centralize all services with Stratix and let the mobile experts help take your business to new heights!

We’ll take a closer look at each of these options over the next several blog posts.

Stay tuned!