Enterprise Mobile Blueprint – Crafting a Strategic Plan that Lasts

Plan – it’s a word that strikes fear in the hearts and minds of corporate evangelists eager to prove the value of mobile. With images of missed deadlines and burgeoning budgets swirling in their heads, the all-important planning process is often shelved in favor of a much-needed mobile project’s immediate rollout.

Seduced by the sexiness of mobile devices and the promise of improved productivity, many enterprises jump head-first into mobile pilots — without committing to a long-term enterprise mobile strategy, architecture and management platform. Then, as a pilot project successfully concludes, enterprise leaders are left with a pivotal question: Now, how do we take mobile enterprise wide?

It would be easier to answer that pivotal question, if the enterprise had taken the time to craft a Mobile Blueprint for the enterprise before rolling out the first device. A Mobile Blueprint not only helps the enterprise reach consensus about its current needs and the technologies required to satisfy those needs, it also provides a strategic framework to leverage emerging mobile capabilities and technologies. Updating the blueprint as new projects are initiated helps keep the enterprise’s mobile strategy on track and on budget. With the “best option” mobile architecture in place, the sky’s the limit, Patricia Oswalt concluded. However, she also pointed out that selecting a less than optimal architecture can delay, not just the rollout being planned today, but each one that comes after it.

Few people recognize how important selecting the right mobile architecture and platform can be to their overall success.

The good news is that even if you’ve completed several mobile projects without a blueprint, it’s not too late to take a more strategic approach to mobile. To learn more about how to create a Mobile Blueprint customized to your current and future needs, read the “Solution Design” section under the “Services” tab at www.stratixcorp.com.