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Android... Something for everyone
Variety, flexibility and security that your business demands

Connecting users from the corner office to the warehouse

Enterprise-ready mobile solutions that scale quickly and easily

Users in the corner office, sales staff in the field and warehouse personnel can count on Android’s powerful operating system to connect seamlessly regardless of which device they have chosen.

Android platform solutions

Handheld computers, tablets, and mobile payment devices that connect seamlessly to deliver data wherever the mobile workforce needs it. An easy-to-use mobile solution that improves productivity, help assure safety and boost asset performance across the distributed enterprise.

Stratix Android Partners

Stratix has selected only best-in-class manufacturers of Android-based consumer devices and ruggedized handhelds as partners to ensure that your enterprise solution operates reliably and can easily connect to a wide range of mobile management platforms and applications.

What is Your Biggest Mobility Challenge?

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